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Are you cleaning your beauty blenders and sponges?

A beauty blender or a beauty sponge is a great tool to apply makeup.

It’s easy to use but not as easy to clean them. The makeup residue makes it hard to wash all the stains and it even looks dirty.

I have used mild soaps but that didn’t do the job and the beauty blenders after just one use looked old and dirty. It is very important to use hygienic and clean beauty blenders and sponges on the skin else it may cause skin infections.

I used the Beauty Blender Cleanser to clean them and I was amazed that just a small amount of the cleanser washes off all the dirt and stains and even after using it so many times it still looks new. It cleans them both from inside and outside and with very little effort and that’s pretty impressive.

TIP: Always keep and store a damp blender or sponge in a breathable packing like a mesh or net packing that allows air to pass else it can catch fungus.

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